Things to Know Before Writing a Novel

Titbits of writing a Novel

Your everyday feelings and interest in writing literature can motivate you to write a novel. But in order to move the novel forward and attract the readers, first you need to have a clear idea about a few things. If you have a clear idea about those, you will not be hindered in the way of writing a novel. Also your novel will be popular among the readers.

Genre Of Novel : After knowing the genre of any novel, curiosity for novelty is created in the minds of the readers. So first of all you have to decide which genre you want to include the plot that came to your mind. After that you have to fix the direction of your story. If the subject matter of your novel is love and its consequences, then it belongs to the “Love Story” genre. If the subject of your novel is centred around a crime or murder, then it belongs to the crime genre. Readers who like to read novels of different genres can choose your novel by looking at the genre of your novel.

Stakes Of Novel : Any novel moves forward by stakes. Stakes are some of the story elements that create excitement in readers mind.The reader cannot stop reading the novel because of the stakes in the novel. There must be many ups and downs and risks in the life of the hero of the novel. Stakes controls the reader’s enthusiasm for reading. The use of high quality stakes can make a novel a good novel. So you need to be aware of using stakes.

Novel’s Point Of View : A novel can have different points of view. As a writer you have to think about whether you will direct the story from the point of view of a 3rd person or as a 1st person,Or take the story from an omniscient’s point of view. Each character may have a different point of view. At the beginning of the novel you can tell a story from one point of view, but later you can change it.

Setting And Context Of The Novel : To write a novel, you have to create a world in your imagination and need a context.You have to set the place, time, situation of any event in your novel. The success of a novel depends on a proper setting of the novel. For this you may need to do some study and research. At the same time, you have to keep in mind the context in which you are writing the novel, because the nature of the character is determined by the context. It could be a political context or a context of a historical war.

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