Things to remember while assembling your first PC

Assembling your first computer from scratch can be tricky especially if you are going to make it a DIY thing.

Tired of surfing over the internet to find the exact system configuration you need but failed miserably and now all you want is to assemble your own PC? Creating or assembling your own PC can be one of the most rewardful thoughts one can ever have, especially standing in this inflation stricken market condition. However, planning to assemble your first system PC does not mean that you will just require a well equipped CPU, monitor and some external devices. The entire process requires well informed decisions pertaining to specifications and its effectiveness in driving the exact performance you wish to see. This article presents some of the basic parts which one must try to catch -up and remember while assembling their first PC.

Selecting the right processor and motherboard

Selecting the right processor and motherboard while developing your PC should be your first concern if you are into serious gaming and hi-end multimedia projects. Now the processor or let’s say CPU is like the brain of the PC system which directs all the actions and executes it responsibly. Going by the industry standard, Intel and AMD are now ruling the processor market which you can pick depending upon your preference or task load. If you select AMD, you may pick Ryzen 7 or 9 for gaming and multimedia use,  while with Intel, best functional capabilities may be gained from Intel i7 or i9. Now selecting the motherboard can be tricky as well, as it will totally depend on the type of CPU you are willing to get. If you want to get one by brand performance, Asus, Gigabyte or MSI could be a total game changer.

Picking up the required RAM, Storage and GPU

If you want your system to work like some tireless beast, consider assembling your PC with the right configuration of RAM, storage and GPU. If you are looking to build a PC with high-end gaming functionalities or animation rendering tasks, a combination of near about 16GB or 32GB RAM, 2TB M.2 SSD and a 4GB GPU will do the perfect job. While purchasing GPU it’s always better to go by powerful brands like Nvidia, AMD or Asus considering their cutting edge performances.

Monitor and other peripherals

Gamers or animators are very choosy over selecting their display monitors! Selecting the right display definition, the size of the screen and durability in real sense is definitely a matter of concern. It’s definitely advised to pick a display monitor based on the configuration of your system, since all the quality experience will do the talking only when the right hardware setups meet the right treatments. Determine your preferable display size and display quality like an aspect ratio of 1920×1080 or 2540×1440 with 4K crystal clear display quality. If you are willing to receive the best visual experience, then try investing on better configured monitors which will reduce any probability of image tearing issues or screen burn cases.  While considering the other peripherals like keyboard, mouse and sound systems, it’s better to choose the devices depending upon the tasks you want them to perform or your overall expected experience.

So these are some of the most basic things to remember while assembling your first PC!


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