Things to remember while planning a solo bike trip

From packing light to taking breaks, remember these things once you head on a solo bike trip.

Bikes are the best companion for those who love to ride and travel. Experiencing a solo trip is still a dream of many and also provides solutions to every problem and offers enjoyment and relaxation.

Get your bike ready

This will be the first step when you plan to go for a solo bike trip or else you will not be able to complete your solo bike trip as the bike needs to get ready from every side to counter a long journey. However, getting your bike ready means checking if there is any modification required on your handlebar or seat to experience comfortable riding. Repair the damaged parts of your bike if needed and also look if it needs any servicing or not. Ensure having better headlights and side guards for enhancing your safety while riding.

Put on riding gears

You must put on proper riding gear such as a good helmet, riding gloves, riding jacket with padded protection, knee pads, riding pants, and high ankle boots. Always wear gears that fit properly  as loose and baggy wearables might cause discomfort while experiencing your solo bike trip.

Keep yourself hydrated

Carry one or more water bottles while riding in order to prevent exertion. Also, keep an attachable water tube by which you do not need to take your helmet off while drinking water. Always try to keep yourself hydrated by having water whenever you take a break.

Take breaks more than usual

Take breaks at regular intervals and never try to cover a route by taking a single halt as riding a bike for a very long duration might be harmful and also dangerous at the same time with the same posture and back support

Pack light

Always try to keep disposable items and for clothes always roll and keep them instead of folding. There are various ranges of motorcycle luggage available and choose one of the best compatible such as metallic bags such as saddlebags, made with soft fabric, and tank bags.

Keep update with the routes

Always keep yourself updated with directions that you need to follow while reaching your destination and nowadays it has become easier with google maps. So, do not worry and take the help of Google maps for moving towards the safest route and direction.

These are a few tips you must keep in mind before making your dream come true on a solo bike trip.


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