Things to See in Southern Thailand

Southern Thailand is rapidly emerging as the tourist hub of interest and active cultural participation and here is why. . .

Southern Thailand is perhaps the most popular, if not the most eccentric one, in Southeast Asia. Once you head towards the region, stunning vistas, Buddhist monuments, gorgeous bays, and island getaways allure you. South Thailand offers a wholesome engagement of all your five senses. 

Besides the popular tourist spots, this region has abundant unexplored territories reigned supreme by flora and fauna—a visual retreat really, offering you a surreal escape from the humdrum city life.

Mu Ko Ang Thong, in the Gulf of Thailand 

Mu Ko Ang Thong is undeniably the best choice if you are keen on exploring leisurely—perhaps by sitting on a boat. The archipelago has 42 islands which amplify its stunning aesthetics. A boat tour allows you to visit selected islands, explore their cuisines and culture and relax on the beaches. Quite a few islands, such as Ko Wua Talap, have promising walking trails for some adrenaline pumping.

Ko Pha Ngan, A Cloudy Affair

Ko Pha Ngan is popular for the thick, dense clouds that hang overhead and the serene white-sand beaches that stretch miles. Ban Tai, Haad Rin and Mae Haad beaches are extremely tranquil with all the amenities you would need for a comfortable stay here. This place has multiple centres that teach the art of cooking traditional Thai food, quite an opportunity to unwind after a day’s hustle-bustle. When in Koh Phangan, do not forget to indulge in the night market extravaganza, a rendezvous of Thai dishes —both traditional meals and fast foods.

Railay, A Beautiful Peninsula 

What amplifies the beauty of Railay are the limestone cliffs and the plenty of adventure experiences you get to partake in. Rock climbing, snorkeling, hiking and cave exploration are amazingly thrilling, a stark contrast to the calm and quiet of Railay. Besides, Railay plays host to a plethora of cafes, bay resorts and spas and sunset spots to bask in nature’s sublimity and poise.

The Quaint Province of Phuket   

The spectacular Phuket is the largest mountain island beaming with beaches and seaside resorts—a breathtaking blend of luxurious and modern facilities and untainted nature. Phuket’s nightlife and neighborhoods dipped in solitude and spirituality render it a darling among tourists. You will fund a mindboggling line-up of resources embedded with sophisticated technology and patches of ancient history—all existing harmoniously and in synchrony. Temples and wats of Phuket are a must-visit apart from the beaches and jungle trails.

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