Things Tourists Should Avoid Doing In Big Cities

These tips will help you enjoy your experience more.

Being a tourist in an exciting city anywhere in the world can be a thrilling experience. After all, you are going to see a whole new world that is different to yours. Fun activities, delicious food, and unexpected adventures are part of the deal when it comes to travel. However, if you are exploring a big city, there are certain things you should avoid doing as a tourist. These tips could help make your trip more enjoyable and safer. Here are some things tourists should avoid doing in big cities.

Do not wear uncomfortable shoes

Walking is probably one of the best ways to explore a big city. While there may be certain must-do activities on your travel bucket list, you may miss out on discovering gems that are not in a guidebook. Wandering around can lead you to have unexpected, spontaneous, and fun experiences. However, make sure to wear a comfortable pair of shoes to enjoy it all.

Do not stop in the middle of sidewalks

As a tourist in a big city, like New York or Madrid, you may want to stop at every turn and soak it all in. However, it is important to remember that while you are trying to explore everything around you, the hectic lives of the locals go on. They may be trying to get to work or carry out mundane tasks that need to get done for the day. That is why it is important to be mindful of sidewalks. Do not stop abruptly in the middle of a sidewalk.  Step to the side while trying to figure out directions or attempting to take a photo. This way you can have your space to do what you need to do and you won’t be in anyone’s way.

Avoid cab during rush hour

When visiting a foreign land, it is natural to want to see as much as you can in a short amount of time. However, if want to hitch a ride from point A to point B to save on time, avoid the rush hour. While it may be easier than walking or figuring out a new subway system, a cab ride during rush hour can take longer than you expected. Give public transportation a try. More importantly, plan for your trip ahead of time so you have plenty of time to see and do things before you have to leave.

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