Things Twitch streamers aren’t allowed to do

Being a Twitch streamer means there are some things you cannot do while streaming.

Twitch is an interactive platform where content is streamed. From gaming to ASMR content, among others, Twitch’s versatility brings in thousands of viewers per stream.

While Twitch streamers make quite a lot of money and gains popularity by streaming various content, it’s not always fun and games. There are platform guidelines and unspoken rules that streamers need to follow. The rules are not just meant to safeguard the streamers from unwarranted audience but the viewers who tune in as well.  Some are written in stone, and some are frowned upon. Even if the streamer doesn’t get banned for not following it, they might witness significant drop in viewership.

Here are some things Twitch streamers aren’t allowed to do.

Share personal information: This is to guarantee streamer’s safety. No streamer is allowed to share personal information about themselves or other streamers. Information like address, real names, card information, or other personal info are totally off limits to be shared to the audience.

Play certain games:Twitch has a list of banned games that no one is allowed to play or stream on their platform. All game streamers must adhere to the rules and any attempt to playing these games can result in getting banned or suspended. Games that have strong gore or can potentially trigger sensitive reactions are also off limits.

Not dressing as per the rules:Since there are no age limits for viewership on Twitch, all streamers must dress in a modest way, in an age-appropriate way. Though there has been pushback and controversy around this, streamers must stick to this rule.

Playing copyright music:Streamers cannot play copyright music as this might lead to legal battle fringing on copyright issues. Not giving proper credit to the music they play will result in unwanted feud with music production companies.

Self-promoting in other channels:Streamers are not allowed to visit other streams and promote themselves by spamming their chat. It is not only disruptive and frowned upon, but also strictly against the guidelines of the community. It can annoy the owner of the stream and their chat.

Discussing their pay:The pay for any particular streamer is based on their contract between that individual and Twitch. No streamer can openly discuss their pays or the contract with their viewers.

Publicly calling out ‘lurkers’:Some may just join a stream or pass by without actually interacting with the chat. Streamers are not allowed to call them out by their usernames

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