Things we can do to reduce soil pollution

Soil pollution is a real problem having lots of disastrous consequences.

The worse thing is that the issue is still not receiving the attention it truly deserves.

The situation is getting out of control. And so, it’s high time we should do every possible thing to reduce it.

A major environmental issue, soil pollution is a dreadful threat to humanity as well as plants and animals. Also, there’s evidence that it’s a contributor to climate change. In simple words, soil pollution refers to the degradation of the soil, which occurs due to the presence of various contaminants. If we dig out the reasons, the list includes a lot of factors such as industrial agriculture, deforestation, waste disposal, and more. Without further ado, let’s discuss some of the easiest things that we can do in order to reduce soil pollution.

Plant more trees

As previously mentioned, deforestation is a major factor behind soil pollution. When there are no trees, the soil’s top layer gets exposed to all the toxins and is also carried away by air/water. Also, it decreases the groundwater levels, leaving the soil dehydrated. So, by planting more and more trees, we can reduce the issue to some extent.

Avoid chemicals in agriculture

The use of pesticides in agriculture kills the microorganisms living in the soil. This, in turn, causes the soil to lose its fertility and also harms plants as well as animals. So, to prevent the issues, the farmers are advised to use only natural products on their lands.

Buy organic products

It’s a no-brainer that if we all go organic, it will eventually decrease the demand for nonorganic products. Organic products are biodegradable and so, using them is not harmful to the soil. Also, they are good for our health as well. Needless to say, that this is a crucial practice to reduce soil pollution.

Avoid burning fossil fuels

Burning fossil fuels to produce energy is a major contributor to both air and soil pollution. It releases nitrogen oxides into the atmosphere, causing acid rain that is extremely harmful tothe soil. It decreases soil’s pH levels, kills the microbes living there, and also releases various toxic substances that mix with the soil. So, it’s high time we should switch to renewable sources of energy.

Reduce and recycle waste materials

Research has found that waste materials contain lots of toxic substances that significantly ruin the soil quality. Precisely, plastic wastes release various chemicals that are harmful to the microorganisms living in the soil. So, we should reduce our wastes as much as possible, and also follow the process of recycling.

Moreover, we need to raise our voices and spread awareness all over the world.

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