Things we no longer see on an airplane anymore

Air travel was not always aboutsecurity checks or limited on luggage.

Travelling by airplane is a common occurrence nowadays. We crib a lot about the security delays and many restrictions while travelling and we can hardly term our travel experience as something to look forward to (unless you are not travelling in the first-class), but it was not always like this. When air travel was introduced, it was so costly that the crème la crème of society could afford it. That means that airline companies did everything to make the travelling experience unforgettable. So, here are some of the things that we no longer see on an airplane anymore.

American Airlines had a piano lounge in the rear of the plane in the 70s.

While we are fighting with airlines to let us take a bit more luggage with us, in the past Airline, carried much more than essentials. In the early 70s, American Airlines had a piano lounge at the rear of their 747s. It was a Wurlitzer electronic piano that entertained guests during their flight. If you still want to see what the piano looked like, it is still placed in CR Smith Museum in Texas.

In the 40s, airplanes had the reclining sleeping chairs. Not just for first-class but for every passenger!

Boeing Stratocruiser, in the late 40s, was described by their company as flying on a magic carpet. The plane came loaded with reclining chairs. And no, it was not just for first-class but for every seat on the aircraft. These chairs could be adjusted to become sleeping berths. And not only that,the aircraft also boasted of a ladies lounge.

Fresh flower arrangements on the tray table, would you like that?

Pan Am claimed in an advertisement that their new aircraft, Clipper, was vibration-free. That means you don’t have to worry about spilling fresh flower arrangement on your lap. Yes, you heard it right; Pan Am had fresh flower arrangements on every tray table on the aircraft.

How would you want to get rid of the fatigue of the flight? Simply enjoy a fashion show by airhostess during the flight.

In those days maybe watching airhostesses wear the same dab uniform was fairly unpleasant. Well, that is what was believed by people at Braniff International in the year 1965. They had fashion designers design airhostess uniforms which they kept on changing throughout the flight to give you a glimpse of the high fashion.

So, which one of these things would you like to see even today on airplanes?

Priyadarshini Kaul

Priyadarshini Kaul Mishra has two Master’s Degrees in English Literature and History. She is actively following her passion for the language by being a content creator since many years now. Besides this, Priyadarshini is a true bookworm at heart and tries to be an avid reader despite being a full-time mother now. She is also a professionally certified baker and puts on the oven mitts every now and then.
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