Things we should have been taught in school

We were taught a lot of subjects but what about life skills?

We will forever be grateful to the school years that have taught us many things. In those years, we have grown up, passed the most important chapters of our life. School is a dragged out 12 years of our life with incredible recess memory, homework, exams, physical training classes, race to the playground, parent-teacher conferences and so much more. To think about school fondly (or badly) is something we all do.

Despite school years being life-changing, exceptional academic and extra vocational curriculum, there are some things we face later in life that we have no clue what to do about.

Here are some of the things we wished were taught in school.

How to budget successfully: Learning about budgeting and finance in general is one of the most important things to learn as an adult. We learn about doing taxes, calculating expenditure, savings while we are working as adult. It should definitely be a part of school curriculum.

How to make friends: Yeah, this gets harder as we grow older. Wish school would have taught the socially conscious kids how to be more social, make friends and not land up as a socially awkward adult.

Mental health: This one should definitely be on the curriculum. Adulthood is hard enough and with knowledge about practicing healthy mental state would help a lot of us out.

Relationships:How to be in a healthy relationship, how to combat breakups, how to react, learning about personal boundaries, consent etc will make us work better in relationships in the future. It’s better to learn them in school than being completely clueless and lost when we are facing a relationship crisis in the future.

Self-awareness:Teaching self-awareness is teaching us how to think about what to think or having opinions about our opinions or emotions about our emotions. It proves helpful in our adulthood and prevent thoughts of bigotry or prejudice and channel a better self. It is also proven to be make us more disciplines, better planned if we have self-awareness.

Home repairs: Basic things like how to change a bulb or fix a windowpane. Learning about home repairs can save as a lot of money in the future.

A work-life balance: Teaching kids how important it is to maintain a healthy work-life balance will save them time, effort and failure of relationships in the future. Not to mention, while in the pursuit of excellence of work, we lose touch with ourselves.

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