Things you can do to detox your mind and soul

If you are feeling too much depressed or stressed just follow these simple steps to detox your life and mind to create something positive and productive in your life that would take you to the peak.

If your life is not going the way you have always wanted to, then there are a few things messing up with your soul and mind which need to be solved to attract positive energy.

Making a to-worry list

We often do not worry about things we should because it is a tendency of everyone to think ruminating is productive. People should worry in the first place as it is the way through which one should ensure we do not forget to deal with something very important, especially things that pose a risk or threat. Firstly, take that out by writing down a worry about lists. Just simply jot down whatever bothers you and set a time to review it later. By doing this one will either overcome the fear that remains unfounded or helps to make an action plan to address them accordingly.

Spend more time outside

Most of the research found that people who spend time outside are leading a good healthy life with lots of benefits. It is significantly the easiest way to gain relaxation as well as clarity over something which is important when you are required to put things into perspective.

Delete old phone numbers with whom you do not talk to and eventually should not

This would help to avoid temptation regarding calling someone you should not, eventually ending up giving you a realization of how far you have really come and also a sense of closure. Removing those contacts from your life will provide clarity and declutter your mind at the same time from unnecessary tension or anxiety.

Start Junk journaling

Get a notebook of your own and keep it in a private place that will be solely devoted to junk journaling. Anytime one feels lost or pretzeled up by emotions and random thoughts just note down everything that comes to mind without giving it any second thought like does it make any sense or not!. Just go for it and it will help to cleanse the mind without pushing it in another direction.

Spend a day with yourself and do not capture or photograph it

It has become a trend for all of us to post and share our lives on social media or any other online channels. This creates undue stress because you will have a constant feeling that you are performing for others all the time. So, just take a day for your own self and do something that makes you feel alive and happy without making it social.


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