Things You Can’t Miss To Do On Your Visit ToKrabi Island

Krabi has everything to offer you from serenity to adventure.

There are places you can visit around the world that would charm you and your soul to the point that it feels like a dream and Krabi in Thailand is one of those places. Krabi is a small island province in the west coastline of Southern Thailand that has made it to the bucket list of many travel bugs. Besides just relaxing on the serene beaches or enjoying the view of the mountains, Krabi has a lot to offer. Here are the activities that you must most absolutely do when you are in Krabi.

Climb 1256 Stairs of the Tiger Cave Temple

Well, it’s no hike, but it’s definitely a challenge. The idea of climbing 1256 stairs would require a mountain of energy but that should not scare you away from attempting it. Located a little short of 4 kms away from the Krabi town is the Tiger Cave Temple or the War ThamSua as the locals call it. The ambience of the temple is extremely calm and serene and often serves as a meditation centre. Even if you are not interested in the spiritual significance of the place, get to the top of the spot and take in the breathtaking beauty of the view.

Rock Climbing At Railay Beach

The most famous sport or activity at Krabi is rock climbing and you should not miss this adventure. Take a boat to the Railay beach and experience this paradise for rock climbers. However, you should keep in mind that the Railay beach is one of the most popular locations for rock climbers and that could make it a little crowded. There are different levels of rock climbing here starting with beginners to the advanced. Engage in this thrilling adventure and experience Krabi at its best.

Take A Dip In The Hot Springs

If you are bored of the ocean water and chilling at the beach, make a little change by experiencing the hot springs of Krabi. Approximately, 70 kms away from the Krabi main town is located Nam TokRawn or what you may call Krabi’s natural hot tubs. The water in these hot springs is loaded with minerals that are extremely beneficial for your health and skin. Moreover, taking a dip in these hot springs will be one of the most relaxing things you would experience in Krabi.

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