Things you didn’t know were made of recycled material.

Don’t we all like it when we can make something completely new out of an old thing? That’s what recycling stands for.

Everybody nowadays is talking about recycling and saving the planet. Recycling is the new fad. We tend to buy that have recycled written on it in a jiffy than any other product. And at the end of the day, it does make us proud, and we feel we have faithfully done our duty to mother nature as responsible human beings. But do you know many of our everyday use items are recycled? Prepared to be amazed as we go through the list of things, we never knew that are made of the recycled material.


Does that surprise you? But we are not talking about every other soap brand that recycles their products. But there are many hotels that don’t discard the extra soaps left in the shower (which are mostly intact). They recycle those and send them off to places and countries that are poor and have difficulty accessing cleaning product.


How sweet winning feels when you get your hands on the trophies and mementoes. But do you know that many companies who make these trophies use recycled paper and glass to make trophies? Now, that is twice the reason for you to celebrate when you get felicitated next time.


Freshly paved roadsrenovated with the best of asphalt, is a dream of a driver. And sometimes you can thank your friend or that nosy neighbour of yours, who loves renovating his home every year because all the shingles from the thrown away roofs are used for asphalt nowadays. Recycled pieces of wood and glass are used for those neat and smooth roads.

Tennis balls.

A lot of tennis ball manufactures are using discarded shaved off rubber to make new balls. Instead of wasting the unused remnants of rubber, these companies sometimes end up with two million extra balls a year.

Parts of Automotive.

If you own a car, then the chances are that many parts of your car are made up of recycled components. The bottles, caps, and containers are used to made splashguards, wheel liners, cushions. Unless or until you own a vintage or a classic car, you definitely are contributing to nature through your vehicle.


Before you get all grossed out and stressed, many companies use recycled yoghurt cups to make the handle of the brush; the bristles of the brush are new and are not made of recycled stuff. Scouts honour!

So, which of the product surprised you the most?

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