Things you must consider before buying a packet of bread from the supermarket

Bread is one of the most preferred itemsfor breakfast for billions of people globally.

From sandwiches to croutons, bread has always been a necessary constituent of the daily diet of the global population. Due to its versatility, bread can be consumed at any time of the day. Believe it or not, choosing healthy bread is really a tough job for many as the deceptive description on the package might fool you in many ways. Generally, bread is available in the supermarket in various forms such as brown bread, white bread, pita bread, sourdough, focaccia, and so on. But how to get the best variety for your family? Go through this article to know this and avoid common mistakes while buying a packet of bread.

Do not assume wheat is the most healthy type of bread:

​Many people consider the term wheat as the most healthy item, which is indeed a wrong notion. All wheat variety doesn’t assure you the goodness of essential nutrients and fibers. You must opt for the whole wheat flour variety, the healthiest type.

Always check the hidden sugar content:

Most popular varieties of bread contain a higher concentration of sugar in it. During manufacturing, honey, cane juice, or corn syrup is added to provide the sweetness. However, this sugar is bad for your health as it may lead to diabetes and associated problems.

Do not get fooled by the “all-natural” tag:

The tag “all-natural” is a business strategy to deceive the customer. According to recent surveys, bread with an “all-natural” tag also contains additives, enriched white flour, and chemical sweetening agents. To avoid this, you may select bread with an “organic” tag on them. They are scientifically proven to be healthier than the previous ones.

Always check the hidden salt content:

Salt plays an important role in bread preparation. As salt is a good preservative, some brands add more salt. This also increases the flavor. However, excess salt is bad for your health as it promotes hypertension. Choose those varieties which provide less than 150 milligrams of sodium per serving.

Check the concentration of additives:

Undoubtedly, the fresh bread has the best taste and flavor. To keep them fresh, many brands use chemical preservatives. Do not buy them. They are not at all good for your health. Always buy those slices of bread with no added preservatives.

Check the fiber content of the bread: ​

Bread is a good source of dietary fiber, essential to improve digestive health. Always buy bread that provides more than 3 grams of fibers per serving. Usually, they are written well on the packet.

So, you must go through the levels and ingredients thoroughly before buying a packet of bread. Above all, check if there is any mold formation on the bread and also the expiry date of the product.

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