Published By: Ishani Karmakar

Things You Must Know If Your Child Has Asthma

When it comes to helping a kid manage their asthma, parents are in the driver's seat. That’s why you should be aware of these five things if your little one has asthma.

Paediatric emergency experts have some straightforward advice for parents to assist their children with asthma to have active lifestyles.

Focus on signs rather than diagnoses

Your youngster may wheeze or have difficulty breathing if they have asthma. Medical professionals use a wide variety of terms to describe it. Some other names for asthma include reactive airway illness and acute bronchospasm (RAD).

If a doctor is hesitant to identify a kid with asthma, it might be because of stigma.

However, understanding the severity of your child's asthma will help you better manage his condition.

Recognize your child's triggers and take steps to prevent them

When your child's asthma symptoms are triggered, they might be exacerbated. The causes of asthma in children vary greatly. Cigarette smoke and illness are two common precipitants.

Causes of respiratory distress include physical activity; pollen, mould, and dust mites; and elevated ozone levels.

Common allergens: pet dander

Please keep your child away from anything that may set off his asthma, such as cigarette smoke and clothing that may have a cigarette odour. Don't go outside if the pollen or ozone levels are high. Be sure to remind him throughout the day to wash his hands.

Ensure your kid has his inhaler at all times

Your child's doctor may prescribe a rescue inhaler if he has asthma. Your youngster might get some relief from their breathing difficulties with an inhaler. When your kid has an asthma episode, he will need to use his rescue inhaler.
  • Be sure he has it with him at all times, whether at home, class, or travelling.
For attacks, he must have access to the rescue inhaler.

To prevent the medication from entering his mouth instead of his lungs, have him wear a spacer with the inhaler.

The sooner the rescue medication is administered, the better.

Asthma is a life-threatening illness that requires medical attention

Asthma is a condition that requires the assistance of both parents. Your youngster needs specialized treatment if he has respiratory issues. If your child's symptoms worsen, the doctor can adjust his medication. Have a conversation with your child's healthcare physician about getting a specialist referral if they require hospitalization due to asthma.

Indications that your child's asthma treatment needs to be changed

More than twice a month, he needs a rescue inhaler; more than three times a year, he visits an urgent care centre or emergency room; and he requires oral steroids.

Recognize the signs that it's time to get to the ER with your kid

When children have severe asthma episodes, they should go to a paediatric emergency room where qualified professionals may treat them. Take your kid to the ER if:
  • His rescue medication isn't helping his breathing
  • He requires his rescue medication more frequently than every four hours to regulate his symptoms