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Things You Should Consider When Purchasing An Ergonomic Chair

Office work typically involves sitting in front of a desk for five to six hours every day. But a good ergonomic chair for the office can keep fatigue at bay while improving productivity at work.

If you work from a desk, it is not unusual to experience back and shoulder pain. A sedentary lifestyle can put your health to risk. But an ergonomic chair can allow you to relax your back and move smoothly with little effort. The correct adjustments can help you achieve an optimal and comfortable working position to minimize injuries and fatigue while ensuring proper blood circulation and improving posture. Here are a few things you should consider when purchasing an ergonomic chair.

Lumbar support

Our lumbar has an inward-arched structure. Sitting in a chair for several hours without proper back support may result in slouching of the lower back, straining the lumbar spine’s structure. Therefore, your ergonomic chair should be able to provide support to your lumbar. Remember, if your lower back receives proper support, it can allow you to comfortably sit for several hours.

Look for the 90-degree angles

When purchasing an ergonomic chair, you must ensure that the angles of your knees and hips are 90 degrees. If the angle of your hips and knees are more acute or obtuse, it suggests the chair is either too short or too big for you, and it might exert pressure on your spinal discs. Also, remember that the chair should allow you to rest your feet flat on the ground.

Depth and width of the seat

The longer you spend sitting in a chair, the more painful it will be, if the chair lacks proper depth and width to support your physique. A comfortable ergonomic chair should ideally allow you to sit in it with your back resting against the backrest while the back of your knees is at least 3 inches from the chair’s seat.

Swift movement

Your perfect chair should allow swift movement. Invest in a chair that is fully adjustable: the back, armrests, and seat. Movement is critical if you want to improve productivity and blood flow.

Quality materials

The material choice of your chair should be very good. It is best to opt for leather because it is sturdy and durable. You may also opt for polyurethane because it guarantees longevity, but people who sweat too much should avoid it.

Remember, a good ergonomic chair should essentially address all these concerns.

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