Things You Should Know Before You Try Coding

Some practical tips before you begin your journey into coding would help you understand what to expect and how to approach it.

Although the world would try to convince you that coding is easy to master, the truth is far from that. In fact, coding is one of the hardest skills to acquire let alone excel at it. Coding could be seen more as an experiment rather than a set of rules that has to be followed. Of course, coding has its own set of rules just like a language does, but how well you put it to application takes many years of practice and knowledge. Learning coding and its pace varies from person to person and but having some practical knowledge about it would help you grasp it faster. Here are a few things that you should know before you try your hands on coding.

Learn Your Basics

While learning coding you will come across a load of heavy terminologies and jargons all of which would sound Greek to you. Just like any other subject you want to master, you have to start coding with the fundamentals first too. Don’t let your already confused brain tackle heavy coding from the first day. By the basics, we mean start from the first thing about computers. Even if you feel like you know everything there’s to know about a computer, it never harms to revisit your knowledge.

You Need To Have A Goal

Why are you learning coding? What do you want to achieve from learning coding? The answers to these questions would form your goal from day one. Having a goal during your coding learning process is important since more often than not you might feel like giving up. Set realistic goals about how many coding projects you want to do in a day. At the beginners level doing one to two projects is more than enough since you are still new at it. Doing one or two projects everyday would help you get better and learn from your mistakes.

Have Patience

Coding is not easy. Stamp these words in your head. Learning coding takes a lot of time and patience. Have realistic expectations about your pace of learning and keep motivating yourself. Your drive to learn coding is everything. Although you might hit a few rough patches here and there, don’t lose your patience and keep the journey going.

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