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Things you will relate to if you have a long-distance best friend

Has your school or college best friend, who you spent every day hanging out with, now moved to another part of the world?  Here are some things that you might find relatable, if you are one of those people, with a long-distance best friend.

Timezones are a pain

One of the most annoying things about being in different parts of the world is the time-zone element! Time zones depending on where you have shifted can be very disparate. Your best friend’s morning can be your late night. Coordinating time zones are difficult.

You keep sending them pictures and updating them about your life

However, timezones are no barrier, in the face of your friendship. Though it can get difficult sometimes, thanks to WhatsApp, updates about each other’s life can still be given. You will probably find yourself taking pictures of your surroundings, or if you are eating something or having a coffee to send to your best friend. These things make you miss them, and this is the underlying message that goes with these updates.

The virtual calls never end

When you do manage to coordinate and have a video call, then the call could go on all night! Ending it is not an option. There you reminisce and gossip, give updates and joke about things, or simply vent. Then it is like old times. You know, that no matter where you go, you always have someone to speak your heart out to! Video calls with them are the best!

It helps you feel less homesick

It might sound dramatic, but it is true. If the home is not a place, but a person, then they are it! Calling them up and chatting with them or simply texting them reminds you that they are always with you. You, therefore, feel less alone and homesick.

When you meet, every moment is precious!

When you go home or get to meet them again, then every moment just becomes infinitely more precious. You just don’t want to let them go, you want to embrace them with bear hugs, and just never let them go. You want to have all the fun you planned and imagined in that little amount of time, that you have with them. Reunions are the loveliest things on the planet. You forget about troubles in your life! When you meet, then you just go back to all the fun, forget all the tension. After all, they are some of the few people with whom you can be completely yourself!

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