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Things you would relate to if you had to work through your holidays

Are you one of those unfortunate souls who had to dedicate and almost cancel their holidays, as the deadlines for your work crept upon you? If you are, then this list is definitely for you! Here are some things that you would find relatable!

While everyone is out, you have to do work

This is the saddest thing. Everybody around you, it seemed is putting on new clothes, going out, and making plans with their friends. You, however, are only reminded of your deadline. Occasions for going out are less!

Don’t feel like studying in the festive air

If you are a student with a deadline, right amidst the festive season, then it is possible that you felt lured by the festive air outside, and the vibrant events that were taking place outside. It just seemed a sacrilege for you to sit and work!

Your friends call and you have to say no

Your friends ask you to come to hang out with them. Yet you are bound to say no a lot! This feels annoying, but what to do? You keep promising that once it’s all over you will go meet them!

Sometimes you go and meet them anyway

Sometimes the temptation is too strong to not meet them. So you take a break and go meet them anyway. Whether you feel guilty or not depends, but you then meet them for short bouts of time which makes you feel good but also a tad bit guilty, that you are ignoring your work. What to do, the struggle with this dilemma is real!

Try to divide your time between work and fun

Adulthood you must have realized is all about managing time. You, therefore, decide to try and divide your work and fun, to have a balanced time. How that goes depends on the day-to-day though, but the attempt is useful, as then you don’t feel bad that you are completely missing out. On the other hand, the fun is also timed.

Ultimately ask for an extension

If you are a student in higher studies with an impending project deadline, you will relate to this! Are you even a student if you don’t ask for one extension?

Gorge on all the food

It is still festival time, and you might have to work, but you still have to eat! You, therefore, help yourself to all the good delicacies and tasty food that is prepared on festival days!

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