Published By: Sougata Dutta

Thinking About Fulfilling Your Dream of Becoming A Writer?

Write your first book in your mother tongue as you have the most command of that language!


If writing is a passion for you and you enjoy communicating more with the written word than verbal delivery, then you've considered writing a full-length book and becoming a published author. However, there are some key tips to follow to become a successful published novelist. Today's article is going to break it down for you.


4 Important Things Every Aspiring Writer Should Follow

A lot of patience, mastering the knowledge of the subject one is thinking of writing a book on and countless sleepless nights – apart from all this, a writer should consider the 4 tips mentioned below.


Prepare A Daily Routine For Writing

Write daily to keep the pen flowing through the stages of adversity! You don't have to write about your book or anything serious every day, but just sit down with the intention of writing, write down a thought or even a poem, and set aside regular time to think and deliver these thoughts on paper or in a Word file. Try to write every day- the more you write, the better your language skills will improve and the more comfortable you will feel in writing which will increase your chances of becoming a writer.


Think From The Reader's Point Of View

Your writing can only be successful when it connects with readers on a personal level. 

The relevance of creation across time and era is what makes some unforgettable and extraordinary writings eternal. Don't write about what you want to pass on or convey, but instead focus on what you would read if you were the reader rather than the writer. Changing perspective makes the effort and hard work truly worthwhile.


Choose The Topic Wisely

As a writer, you have to have a good grasp of the content of your book. 

Meticulous research and in-depth knowledge of your book's subject mixed with a dash of reality—this is the recipe bestselling authors follow. Don't try to follow trends or other popular authors. Go with your intuition and write about things that you know you have the best knowledge about.


Write In An Effortless language

Always try to write in simple words. Remember, we are past the Victorian era and today's fast-paced digital life demands more outcomes with less investment. So, no matter how fantastic your grip over the subject is, if your writing is clunky and old school, you won't even be considered a writer at all, let alone a successful one!