This Is Why You Should Switch To Glycerin For Your Lipcare

This ingredient’s moisturizing characteristics will make your lips seem super plump and soft.

There are several products available for giving your lips a fuller appearance and feeling, but nothing beats plain old glycerin! Glycerin not only keeps moisture in, making your lips smooth and supple, but it also shields them from environmental aggressors like dust and pollution as well as dryness. Glycerin is safe enough to apply on your lips, and may be used to treat dry skin anywhere else on your body. Keep that tin of glycerin on hand for the next time your lips feel dry and cracked.

Here are some of the ways in which glycerin might improve the condition of your lips.

It softens them

Glycerin’s ability to retain moisture makes it an ideal treatment for cracked lips. This is especially helpful in the winter, when dry air and indoor heat can cause lips to become perpetually chapped and, in extreme situations, bleed.

It turns them pink

If you have dark lips, applying glycerin daily may help you restore their natural pink colour. Put some glycerin on your lips at bedtime every night and you’ll see a difference in no time.

Protects Lips from Dryness

Like the rest of your skin, your lips need lots of TLC. Maintaining a constant level of moisture throughout the day is crucial for their health and appearance. A study found that glycerin effectively hydrated the skin’s epidermis.

Prevents Peeling And Bleeding

With dry lips, flaking and bleeding are frequent issues. It can get to the point where it’s humiliating. Glycerin can be used to treat damaged lips and as a preventative measure.

Delays the onset of ageing

Lips are susceptible to the same ageing effects as the rest of your face. Skin isn’t the only thing that may get wrinkles and spots. In addition to preventing these symptoms, glycerin will also leave your lips feeling soft and supple.

Relieves Mouth Ulcers And Wounds

Medication ointments are commonly used to treat mouth ulcers and cold sores. Glycerin is a superior and safer option. It’s great for treating mouth sores when used topically. This miraculous treatment works on sores as well.

Heals Skin Imperfections

Lip pigmentation affects a large percentage of the population. The sun, cosmetics, and carelessness can all contribute to its onset. There is no evidence that glycerin can help with hyperpigmentation, however it can aid with general skin care.

Gets Rid of Flaky Skin

Dead skin on your lips may be easily removed with glycerin. If used nightly, it will help shed dead skin and allow the fresh skin to show.

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