This is why you should switch to wood combs

Show your hair some love by switching to wooden combs.

Hair care starts with brushing correctly and crushing with the right comb. No matter the hair type, combs are extremely fundamental part of hair care routine.

Combs and brushes are available for all hair types. We have normally used plastic or nylon or other state-of-the-art artificial hair combs that keep trending. With different hair textures, artificial combs and brushes do have their fair share of advantage. There are combs designed for people with thin hair, for people with heavy curls and so on.

Even though artificial combs are versatile, they do damage to the hair. Wooden combs, however, are less damaging and have surprising benefits for the hair.

They don’t cause static: Plastic or artificial hairbrushes cause static in the hair. Static causes damage to hair and cause damage. Wooden combs, on the other hand, is anti-static thereby no damage due to static.

Distributes natural oils: Human hair secretes oil that helps in keeping the hair soft and shiny. Combing the hair distributes the hair oils evenly through. Though artificial combs also do distribute the natural oil throughout the lengths of hair, wooden combs do it more efficiently, without causing any damage.

Hair breakage is minimized:Wooden combs are natural and is gentler on the hair, it’s anti-static, and glides more easily through the hair, thereby minimising hair breakage.

Scalp acupuncture:Wooden combs massages the scalps. The bristles of wooden combs massage the scalp and increases the blood circulation in the scalp.

Easily removes foreign particles: Plastic combs attract foreign particles in the hair because of its static, which might lead to tangling of the hair. Using wooden combs will prevent that, leading to a lesser tangled hair even when dirty.

Improved blood circulation:The bristles in wooden combs are blunt than artificial ones. Brushing the hair with wooden combs helps in detangling and massages the scalp in the process. Wooden combs are known to improve blood circulation thanks to its bristles.

More bounce:Who doesn’t want a bit of bounce in the hair? Wooden combs, especially neem-wood combs are extremely beneficial to the hair. It nourishes and helps keep the hair healthier. Healthier hair makes bouncier hair in the long run.

Less allergic: Plastic combs or artificial combs can cause irritation to the scalp, leading to allergic reactions. Wooden combs are much healthier options as the chances of allergic reaction to wooden combs are less.

More sustainable:Most wooden combs are made of bamboo. Plastic combs are artificial and takes years to decompose. Switching to wooden combs will not only benefit the hair but will help you be a bit eco-friendly.

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