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Three healthy habits of a genius

How would a genius achieve his/her fitness goal? Is it something very complicated to implement? Let’s find out in this article.

A genius is someone who doesn’t compromise with health as well as taste, who makes very small changes to the diet and lifestyle, which are very easy to implement but have a huge impact on the body. He/she will never make the fitness journey as a punishment by compromising the taste. A genius will definitely know how to exercise to hit the body at its best. Moreover, he/she will also make sure not to spend a lot of money in achieving the fitness goal. All of these just need nothing but a few smart choices, which a genius should make. In this article, we’ll talk about three of such smart choices, or you may say healthy habits that a genius should make.

A genius will never skip a sweet dish.

We all like to finish our meals with a sweet dish. Isn’t it? However, we all know that easing sweets after every meal will increase the fat percentage of the body. Does that mean we should skip sweets? Absolutely not. A genius will replace the sweet with a piece of jaggery. Not only will it satisfy the urge for sweetness but also improve the digestive system and make our skin blemish-free. So, start the habit of having jaggery instead of skipping sweets.

A genius will kick the refined salt out.

Salt is an inevitable part of our diet. But the regular salt that we use is not only devoid of all the nutrients but also chemically refined using heavy metals like Aluminum and Silicon. Our body fails to digest these heavy metals; as a result, so many health issues may arise. Then what should we do? Should we eat tasteless foods? Not at all. Only a genius will make a smart choice by replacing the regular salt with rock salt because it serves the same purpose and is loaded with important micronutrients. Isn’t it a perfect example of taste bhi health bhi?

A genius will feel the food while eating.

We are able to taste and feel the food only when it is in the mouth. Once it is in the stomach, we are unable to feel it anymore. Only an ignorant man will gulp the food without tasting it properly. Whereas, a genius will keep the food in the mouth and chew it properly not only for the taste but also for the benefits of the food. He/she will definitely know that more than 50% of the food gets digested even before it reaches the stomach. Therefore, chew the food to extract the maximum benefit of it.

So, consider changing your choices for the sake of health. What’s say?


Sohini is a journalism and mass communication enthusiast from Kolkata with an extreme interest in creative writing. Focused on entertainment, health and lifestyle, her stories could make your net surfing much more interesting.
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