Published By: Urbee Sarkar

Throw Pillows: Where To Store Them When You Are Using The Furniture

Throw pillows are a great way to spruce up the look of your living room or bed room, but what do you do when you have got to use the furniture?

Interior designers agree that a bed or a couch look incomplete without throw pillows. They add all the style to the rooms. However, it is safe to say that while they may add to the beauty, they don’t do much when it comes to function. The throw pillows add interest, personality and texture to a room, but when you have to use the bed at night, you need a place to store them. Here are a few storage ideas for keeping throw pillows and still give the room style and panache!

Use Cane Baskets At The Corner Of Your Living Room

Cane baskets add a beautiful accent to the living room. They add a little rustic and earthy vibe to the room which makes you room look cozy and homely. Moreover, they also function great for storing your throw pillows and covers. The throw pillows on the couch can be moved into the cane baskets when you have to make more space on the couch. Keeping them in the cane baskets look fashionable because the colors and textures of the throw pillows peak a little out of the basket still adding to the accent of the room. Moreover, the cane baskets are a great shift from the traditional storage options and serve for both function and style!

Use A Bench With In-Built Storage

If you are planning to get a bench in your living room or the bedroom, get one with an in-built storage box. The bench could act as a storage box for the throw pillows when they are not needed. There are a lot of furniture like ottomans and sectionals with hidden storage which would store your throw pillows perfectly and no one would even know!

Dedicate One Of Your Cabinet Drawers To Your Throw Pillows

Surely, you must have a cabinet in your bedroom. Spare one of the drawers to keep your bed throw pillows for when you need to use the bed to sleep. Add a chest of drawers in your bedroom to enhance the look and add a little wooden accent to the room. The chest of drawers would also function perfectly as storage for your throw pillows when they are not being used.