Throwing Cartons Away? Here Is How To Grow A Whole Garden In Cartons

The cleverest comebacks for carton boxes.

In the age of online shopping, disposal of the numerous carton boxes must have given you a hard time. We know they are a 100% recyclable and organic but before you tear them into mulch, here are some of the most innovative use of the cartons that will turn your home into an abode of creativity.

  1. Carton Compost-

You must have noticed not cartons are made in perfect shape. Some lean to a side and some just won’t close. For the tough times that the cardboard boxes give you, consider using them as fine compost! All you need to do is submerge them in water over the weekend and once they are all muddy and mulch, paste them and add it to your soil for a better harvest.

  1. A Weed Barrier-

Little do we know about the benefits of growing plants in a cardboard box? If you have faced the common weeding problems, planting them in a carton instead of soil helps them grow individually without attracting weeds to succeed in them. Later they can be transferred into the ground without much labour as they discompose once they are put down in the soil.

  1. Container Gardening-

Who doesn’t like the earthly colour of the cardboard holding a plant inside? The beautiful green goes perfectly with the brown tint. Try some bushy plants to be contained in the boxes, and you can have them placed in sunlight. Make sure you don’t spill water over them while watering or they will decompose sooner.

  1. Organisers-

Why spill money over organisers when you can create one on your own. Take boxes of the same height but different sizes and tape them together. Add some vibrant colours and art to it, and now none of your socks will ever get mixed up in your clothes pile!

  1. Show Box Garden-

If you are sad about not having enough ground space for plantation, consider growing a whole garden in a shoebox! Collect some right quality shoe boxes and cut the lid’s top in a small rectangle to keep the frame intact. Sow some grass seeds and water them thoroughly. Once the seedlings sprout, it is going to be the cutest thing to flaunt.

  1. Pathway Cardboard-

Why use cardboard in the garden when they are excellent toys for your kids. Take some square pieces of cardboard and paint big numbers and alphabets on them. This helps the kids learn faster, and there is no harm if they break it!

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