Published By: Elisa Ghosh

Time management myths: debunking major time management myths.

There are numerous rules, styles and best practices for properly managing time. Proper time management skills are about much more than increasing productivity.

Many people believe that simple changes to recover focus in the workplace will not result in enormous productivity gains. That is not always the case. Here's a collection of the most prevalent time management misconceptions to assist you break free from straining to perfect time management abilities that don't offer what they claim. Here are some myths that need to be debunked related to time management.

Myth 1: Learn to manage time

The most fundamental issue regarding time management is that people believe it is all about managing time. That, however, is not the case. The goal is to plan out your job capacity, responsibilities and time frame and then exercise control over the burden.

Myth 2: A to-do-list is all you need to do

A to-do list can only assist you in organising all your essential tasks in one location, but it will not increase your productivity. Making a list like this can fool you into thinking you have accomplished something when you haven't. To-do-list, as a time management fallacy, creates the illusion of progressing a project or task.

Myth 3: Technology is a gift to mankind

When it comes to time management, technology is hardly the greatest gift to humanity. Technology that can help you to be more efficient can also be a source of job delays. That is where a digital vacation, both personal and professional is required to perform the most important duties.

Myth 4: Multitasking saves time

While multitasking allows you to accomplish more, it does not guarantee that you will achieve more. Divided attention frequently leads to mistakes and in most situations, a redo is required.

Myth 5: Limits are demoralisation

No, not always! It is all too easy to let unscheduled activities take over, but setting time restrictions for yourself forces you to be more efficient; you are more likely to “drop the dross” and focus on what is important.

Myth 6: It’s now or never

This time management myth implies that you are always reacting to demands, requests and needs. Schedule it for action at a certain future time unless it is truly same-day urgent or it takes very less time to do than to write down.

Stay grounded in reality and resist the notion that there is a “best way” to manage your time. Discover and o what works best for you.