Published By: Elisa Ghosh

Times Bollywood Movies offered us Great Music But No such Plot

Is music the hero?

Have you ever found yourself mesmerized by the music of a Bollywood film, only to realize later that the plot left much to be desired? Music has always held an esteemed position, often becoming the soul of the film. However, there have been instances where the music's brilliance overshadowed a weak or non-existent plot. Let's check out some of the Bollywood movies where great music often takes the spotlight, sometimes at the expense of a robust storyline.

Aashiqui 2: Musical Brilliance Amidst a Clichéd Plot

"Aashiqui 2," released in 2013, mesmerized audiences with its soul-stirring music, including hits like "Tum Hi Ho" and "Sun Raha Hai Na Tu." However, the film's storyline, centered around a troubled musician and his love life, lacked innovation and depth, relying heavily on clichés.

Race 3: Glamorous Music, Muddled Plot

"Race 3," a star-studded affair with chart-topping tracks like "Heeriye" and "Party Chale On," struggled to maintain a coherent plot amidst its flashy presentation. The focus on style over substance left many viewers yearning for a more engaging narrative.

Kick: High-Energy Music in a Lackluster Storyline

Salman Khan's "Kick" boasted energetic tracks such as "Jumme Ki Raat" and "Hangover," but its plot, centered around adrenaline rushes and risky adventures, failed to offer substantial depth beyond the action sequences.

Half Girlfriend: Catchy Tunes, Forgettable Story

"Half Girlfriend" featured catchy songs like "Baarish" and "Thodi Der," yet its adaptation of Chetan Bhagat's novel struggled to translate the emotional nuances effectively, leading to a disconnect between the music and the narrative.

Kites: A Musical Extravaganza with Narrative Gaps

Despite its visually stunning sequences and a soundtrack filled with romantic melodies, "Kites" faced criticism for its disjointed plot and lack of cohesive storytelling, highlighting the challenges of balancing music and narrative coherence.

Roy: Stylish Music, Shallow Plot

Remember this movie that offered us a mesmerizing list of songs, and a completely confusing storyline? Well, yes, we are one of you, who watched the movie multiple times to understand its plot. But each time we failed, but we definitely fell for the songs, didn’t we? "Roy" dazzled with its stylish music, including "Sooraj Dooba Hai" and "Chittiyaan Kalaiyaan," but the film's fragmented narrative and lack of character development left audiences wanting more substance beyond the catchy tunes.

Tevar: Foot-tapping Music in a Formulaic Tale

"Tevar" boasted foot-tapping numbers like "Radha Nachegi" and "Superman," yet its predictable storyline and reliance on clichés undermined the impact of its music, showcasing the struggle to marry entertainment value with a compelling plot.

Action Jackson: Musical Extravaganza, Narrative Underwhelms

Featuring energetic tracks like "Keeda" and "DhoomDhaam," "Action Jackson" failed to deliver a gripping storyline, overshadowed by its focus on larger-than-life action sequences and musical interludes.

We might have not enjoyed a few of these movies, but that does not mean we cannot praise the music score each of these gave us. Let us for once forget how the movie was, and enjoy the songs to balance our mixed emotions! While Bollywood's musical brilliance has produced timeless melodies and memorable moments, the challenge lies in maintaining a delicate balance between captivating music and a well-crafted plot. These films serve as reminders that while music can uplift a cinematic experience, a strong narrative foundation is essential for lasting impact and audience engagement.