Times when Lorelai Gilmore was a great TV mother

Lorelai Gilmore might be the greatest television mom.

If you’ve watched Gilmore Girls you are bound to like the mother-daughter duo. Lorelai is the chilliest of moms, full of witty comebacks, smart and strong. Rory too grows up with a funny mom who loves her, guides her and supports her in the right way.

Lorelai Gilmore set the right standard of how to be a parent. As a single teenage mother, Lorelai not only left her parental house at 16 but also worked hard to raise a wonderful child. Over the years, sure, Lorelai made mistakes in parenting but she that doesn’t overshadow all the good advice and support she has lent to Rory.

Here are the times when Lorelai Gilmore was a great TV mother.

Lorelai let go off her pride to ask money from her parents

In the Pilot, Rory gets accepted to a prestigious private school. The huge enrolment fees at Chilton Academy did startle her at first but the great mother she is, she swallows her pride and ask her affluent parents for money. She even agreed to a weekly dinner at her parents’ house. Even though she felt stifled in the house and didn’t have a warm relationship with her parents, she did it to put Rory through Chilton.

Lorelai taught Rory it’s okay to wallow after a breakup

This doesn’t get said enough. After her breakup with Dean, Rory refuses to confront her feelings and wallow. Lorelai guides her breakup and when Rory finally breaks down, Lorelai is there for her.

Lorelai lets Rory take her time when she goes to live with The Gilmores

When Rory decides to quit Harvard and live with her grandparents, Lorelai doesn’t impose anything on Rory or beg her to come back. She was heartbroken but she didn’t emotionally manipulate Rory into coming home. She went on with her life and directed her love to a dog she adopts and remodelling her bedroom.

When Lorelai did not approve of Rory and married Dean

Rory comes back from Yale and spends a night with her ex-boyfriend Dean who was married to Lindsay. When Lorelai finds out about it, she doesn’t put up with Rory’s reasons for doing what she did. She tells Rory outright that she is not Rory’s Dean, she is Lindsay’s Dean, and that Rory was the “other woman” in the marriage. It was brutal but Rory came to her senses eventually.

Lorelai was maternal with Paris

Lorelai is a chilled mother. Even Paris felt at ease to talk to her about her problems. Lorelai was not only supportive and guided Rory but was also extremely maternal when Paris felt alone.


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