Times when there was a tie at the academy awards

And who can forget the most famous tie at the Academy Award between the iconic Katherine Hepburn and young Barbara Streisand for the best actress?

The Academy Awards are rightly considered the celebration of excellence in world cinema. All wait with bated breath for the announcements of the awards. The esteemed members (who are close to 6000) vote for winners in each category. Then the accounting firm Price Waterhouse Coopers spends a long time on the process and pick out the winner. If there is a tie of votes then the winners share their prize. But the question arises has that ever happened before. Yes, it has, and not just once but six times. Here are some of the rare occasions when this prestigious award was shared between the winners.

The best actor award in the year 1932

Before moving on to the storytime, we need to understand that the process of voting was completely different from nowadays. If you came close to the achievement which is close to three votes of the winner, then both of them get the Oscar. So, in the year 1932, actor Fredric March left his competitor Wallace Berry behind with just one vote. Since the margin was so close, they both were declared winners.

The best actress award in the year 1969

Probably the best-known and remembered tie was when the best actress award was split between the charming Barbara Streisand and veteran actress Katherine Hepburn. Everyone was shell-shocked when the award was announced. But as Katherine Hepburn was not attending the ceremony, Streisand went up to receive her award and gave us a memorable speech starting with the very popular and cheeky “Hello, Gorgeous”!

The best documentary short subject in the year 1950

In the year 1950, the rules were a bit changed, and then there was a tie at the Oscars. An 18-minute movie named “A Chance to Live” was directed by James L. Shute got tied with an animated film named “So Much for So Little” made by legendary cartoonist Chuck Jones. These movies won against the French movie which was based on the French revolution of 1848 and the Canadian movie named “The Rising Tide”.

The latest tide happened in the year 2013 when Skyfall and Zero Dark Thirty were tied in the best Sound editing Category.

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