Tips And Hacks To Apply Eye Makeup Perfectly

Applying eye makeup can seem tricky, for everything you do needs to be mirrored on the other eye. Here are some ways to make sure your eye makeup is always on point.

Applying eye makeup correctly from the start will guarantee that all the styles you want to try work out precisely how you want them to! If you're going to correctly apply your eye makeup, keep the following hacks in mind.

Obtain The Proper Makeup Tools

A soft, fluffy blender brush, a flat, smaller brush that lays down your eyeliner colors, an angled paintbrush for lining, one pencil paintbrush for detailing and reaching into the smallest corners, and a smudged brush are the essential tools you'll need in your makeup kit.


A simple technique called blending has the power to create or destroy your whole cosmetic look. For example, if you've ever seen unevenly blended eyeliner, it's probably why it seemed harsh and messy. When you mix your eyeshadow, the colors you apply will appear softer, much more natural, and blend into one another to provide a gradient effect.

Make The Crease More Defined

Your eyes will appear more extensive and open if you give your crease a little definition. Incorporate the medium color you choose into the flat brush. Apply this now to the gap, which is the area where your brow bone and eyelid converge. Never mix this color over the center of your eyelids for a regular appearance.

Blend The Colors

Pick up the light shade with the little flat brush, and apply it to your lower lid. Try to stay as near your lower lashes as you can. To remove any sharp lines, simply smooth this with a little blending brush. Use an eyelash pen on your lower lashes to keep things basic. Use a smudge brush to then smear it. 

Highlight Your Eyes

You could use your standard highlighter for this step. Put a small amount of the pigment behind your brow bone and the inner edge of your eyes using your pencil brush. Your eyes will not only sparkle as a result of doing this, but they will also appear more significant and less weary. To soften any sharp edges, blend them out.

Add Final Details

After applying your eye shadow, add some eye makeup to complete your appearance. First, line your pupils as closely as possible to your eyelashes for a brief appearance. Next, try eyeliner wing to give your eyes a more extended look if you desire a more dramatic appearance. As the final stage in completing your eye makeup, you may use artificial lashes or add mascara.