Published By: Ahvana Paul

Tips and tricks for newbies grappling with designing.

Due to some reason, are you suddenly expected to do designing and produce digital graphics and posters, without much prior experience? Don’t despair, here are some tricks and tips to see you through and help you!

Use whichever app suits you

There is a range of apps, for different levels of designers. In this new day and age, it has all been made simple and easy to comprehend. So don’t think that you have to use complicated applications for this purpose! You can even use the various new websites which will allow basic functions you might need with absolute ease.

Readymade templates

If you are in a hurry and need to design an Instagram post, or a poster, one of the quickest ways to do it is to find the available templates online. These are easy to maneuver according to how you want them to look like. However, with the basic outline already done, you will not have to start working from scratch.

Too much text is a bad thing

Let’s face it, if you have too much text on your posters, then nobody will read it. People will not find it attractive. Therefore, brief and concise lines, giving all the necessary details work best. Combining it with visuals works best.

It's all about precision and dimensions

This is the basis while designing any poster or hoarding or Instagram post. It's all about keeping things aligned. Things on the left have to be aligned with things on the right! The viewer’s eye will first look at the center, so the most significant thing has to be at the center. And everything has to be aligned to give the poster a balanced look. The golden ratio principle applies here.

Some essentials

There are some aspects that you keep on posters or leaflets, which you cannot miss and you have to incorporate them within your design! For example,, if you are making either of these for a company, then the company's logo is a must! If you are making a design for an event, venue, date and time and other similar details are an absolute must!

Design and Practicality

Remember, that designing is also about practicality!  It is not about just aesthetics, but also about the purpose that the poster serves. As long as these two things are in consonance, you are good to go!