Tips and Tricks Of Lunar Gardening: Everything You Need To Know About Gardening Under The Moonlight

Gardening under the Moon may sound very peculiar if you are hearing about it for the first time. We are here to reveal the secrets of the moon and the role it plays in gardening to help you use it to your garden’s advantage.

Lunar gardening involves sowing plants in the correct lunar phase to ensure bigger, healthier and faster growth, resulting in better yields. Gardening under the moonlight is based on the principles of gravitational force. Do you wish to garden under the moon? Here’s everything you need to know.

How moon gardening works

On new and full moon nights, the tides are highest owing to the gravitational pull of the moon and the sun. Lunar gardeners incorporate the same assumption of water movement into every source of water on the planet, including the moisture present in the soil. During a new and full moon night, lunar gardeners suggest that the gravitational force pulls moisture from the earth, effectively maximizing moisture content near the soil surface. This condition is considered ideal for harvesting and planting.

Significance of the lunar phases in gardening

The higher moisture content in the soil on full moon nights enables the seeds to bulge, burst, and germinate quickly after absorbing the water from the soil. If your plants are facing trouble in sprouting seeds, you should give lunar gardening a try.

What Science suggests about lunar gardening

The science community, at this moment, does not acknowledge the principle of lunar gardening and how it can yield better results. So far, no scientific studies have been done that can substantiate the proposed benefits of lunar gardening. However, it does not imply that the results may not come in the future. After all, scientists in 2006 discovered that plants have circadian rhythms, and in 2014 they propounded that plants communicate with each other. Who knows about the future? With the advancement of technology, scientists one day might discover that the lunar phases can actually impact the growth of plants.

How to garden following a moon calendar

So how to follow the moon for lunar gardening? The simple method involves using and following the phases of the moon on an easy-to-use and simple moon calendar. At the beginning of every month, set the date for the new moon and keep following it every month and year. It will tell you what activities you have to engage in during different times of the month.

Give this unique gardening technique a try to see if it really works.


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