Tips and tricks to clean &maintain leather bags

Leather bags are love, you will always be tempted to buy them. But are you taking care of your leather goods?

Leather bags are classy and durable but they will only last long if you take good care of them. Leather bags often get stained,and getting rid of those stains  is very challenging. Good handbags are a real investment when it comes to fashion. Taking care of it can be tricky and when it’s expensive you gotta be more careful. While you might want to take your bags to a specialist for a monthly cleaning and pampering. Here are some easy and helpful handbag cleaning tips that you can try at home without ruining your bag quality. Cleaning and protecting it with these tips will keep your handbags pretty and tip top. Here are a few handy tips to give a quick refresh to your favourite leather bags, thank us later.


If your bag has pen marks or colour pen stains, Try using a nail paint remover. All you need to do is dip a cotton pad and dab treat the stained spot on your bag. Do not rub it as it may spread the ink.Once done, pat dry with a soft towel or napkin.


If your bag has oil and grease marks, try the lemon trick. All you need to do is squeeze some lemon juice. Dip a cotton swab and apply on the grease and oil marks, Let it stay for 30 minutes. Wipe off with a clean and soft damp towel or cloth. Lemon has bleaching properties and thus it will instantly remove the oily stains from your bag. Try this trick only on light coloured bags.


For all the oily and greasy stains on your bags, cornstarch or baking soda works wonders. It is very effective for oily stains on your bags. All you need to do is spot treat the stains with baking powder or cornstarch paste. Leave it for 20 minutes and wipe off with a clean and damp cloth.


Never use water directly on greasy stains, it might rinse off leather surface

Never use a soap, it will lead to discoloration and fading

Avoid leaving your handbags in direct sunlight, it might cause fading and damage. 


Leather conditioner

Commercial cleaners that are specifically made for cleaning leather bags

Cotton swabs

soft cloth

Cleaning brush


Once your bags are stain free, take a leather conditioner and apply on your leather bag all over and let it stay till 15 minutes. Buff it off with a soft cloth. Your bag will retain its shine and it will give your bag an instant refresh.

Now that you know various tips and tricks to clean your favourite leather bags, you can easily maintain all your expensive bags at home without being worried about the stains and marks on your bags.

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