Tips and Tricks to Slash Your Electricity Bill

Worried about using electrical devices to generate a massive electricity bill? Here are the most excellent tricks to drop the bills while enjoying the facilities to the fullest.

While setting your budget, you must have thought at least once, if there was a mysterious way to reduce your mounting electricity bill. With advanced technologies pouring in, the need for power increases, giving you a fat statement at the end of the month. Here are some habits to inculcate in your lifestyle that will minimize the power consumption and be light on your pocket.

  1. Pull Out The Plugs After Use-
While using an appliance, we often make the careless mistake of keeping the plug logged in the socket. You would think that it does not use energy, but it does. Be it your blender, microwave, toaster or TV; everything has a consumption of its own that can be stopped by plugging them out after use.
  1. Insulate The Outlets-
Appliances that are made to heat or cool your room often lose massive energy if the outlets of your room are not insulated. While installing an AC or a room heater, you might want to check the ventilators of your room to save the maximum energy of your house.
  1. Turn Off The Electronics After Use-
One of the faulty habits we have got acquainted with is not switching off electronics while not in use. You can install Smart strips to power down battery use of daily electronics like your printer, scanner and monitor.
  1. Paint Your Rooms Light Colour-
Minimalistic decisions like choosing the right colour of your interiors can also be beneficial changes to saving your bills. Lighter dyes absorb lesser energy and will reflect the light outwards working with a lesser amount of energy intake.
  1. Don’t Be A Night Owl-
To let the cat out of the bag, electrical companies charge you more when you use appliances at night. Being the night owl might cost you more than you think! It will be wiser to use heavy machine uses like laundry, heating and surfing at day time!
  1. Restrict Using Cordless Phones-
Though with the popularity of cell phones, cordless phones have taken a back seat, but if you still use a landline as a backup, make sure to install the wired ones instead. Dimming the display light and cranking up the volume saves your bills more than you realize.