Tips for Healthy Eyes

Sight is a strange gift of nature. Almost all animals have eyes, but not all animals have advanced vision like humans. No animal has an advanced brain like a human. As a result, only a human can fully enjoy his surroundings with his eyesight. And so, it is imperative to take care of this gift of nature. Here are some tips to keep your eyes healthy.


Have healthy foods rich in nutrients 

The presence of adequate amounts of nutrients in the body is essential for the health of the eyes and eyesight. Especially Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Carotenoids, and Fibrous Complex are very much needed. Adequate amounts of these nutrients are needed to keep eyesight strong. Even people with poor eyesight can get better if they take enough of them. Vitamin C is used in most cases for eye treatment. Hence, one should have food rich in these nutrients to have good eyesight.


Use sunglasses 

Too much sun or too much light can cause eye damage. Certain rays of light have a detrimental effect on the nerves of the eye. To protect the eyes from all these damages, it is always necessary to use sunglasses when going out in bright daylight or going in front of high-density lights. Also, if one has an eye infection or any kind of surgery, one must use sunglasses.


Reduce screen time

The two things that cause the most damage to the eyes these days are a smartphone and a TV or computer screen. With the advent of smartphones, smartphones have become more of a problem than TV or computer screens. Smartphones are the ultimate addictive element. From children to the elder ones, everybody easily becomes addicted to smartphones and looks at the screen of the smartphone for hours. This causes severe damage to the eyes. Although various protective glasses are being invented and used nowadays as a result of advances in science, it is not possible to keep the eyes healthy without reducing screen time.


Keep eyes at a safe distance from the mobile or computer screens

If one has to look at the screen, whether it’s a mobile or a computer, for a long time, one needs to keep at least a gap of 50 centimeters between the two eyes and the screen. Looking at the screen from a lesser distance can be harmful to the eyes.


Look at the green nature 

Green is something very healthy for vision. One should spend at least 10 minutes daily in between the green nature and staring at the green leaves. It reduces eye pressure, provides relaxation, and helps in conceiving nervous strength.


Go for regular check-ups

To check whether everything is normal or not, it should be a habit to go for an eye check-up at least twice a year. 

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