Tips for keeping your house safe when you are out of town.

Keep these tips in mind for the safety of your house and peace of your mind.

Vacations, the word, is enough to get us excited and forget the monotony of your daily life. But before you lose yourself in the frenzy of getting out of your house and town, it is vital to remember the ways to safeguard your house in your absence. You might have come across many newspapers’ headlines stating the increase of theft and burglary nowadays. No, you don’t have to go in a ninja mode like the protagonist of the movie “Home Alone”, but following these simple steps can keep your house safe in your absence.

Check and lock all the windows and doors. 

Yes, something that simple is always forgotten bythe majority of people. We seem to ignore the basics, and despite all the high-tech security systems, people get robbed due to simple unlocked window. So, before heading out, double or triple check all your doors and windows.

Invest in smart lighting.

Lights give the impression that someone is at home. So, while it is not feasible to keep the lights on while you are out of town, you can invest in smart lighting solution such as motion detector lights that can be lit if they detect any movement.

Lock up the valuables.

Don’t leave valuable stuff like your jewellery, expensive items, and even important documents under lock and key. You can deposit your jewellery in your locker in the bank.

Keep a check on water pipes.

You just don’t need to protect your house from burglars but also things like leaking pipes and water flooding in your absence. While we would advise you to take advice and periodically maintain your water pipes, you can also turn off the water supply before leaving the house. That way, you canrest assured that there would be no water-related disaster waiting for you on your return.

Avoid publicizing on social media. 

Social media has also become a strong breach in our security. And the trouble is we seem to take pride in broadcasting even the minute details of our life on social media.Don’t mention going out of town or the date when your house would be closed. You never know who is reading and watching.

What are the things you do to safeguard your house in your absence?

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