Tips for Runners: How to Choose the Best Shoes and Attire

Thanks to the evolution in sportswear, runners now get a vast choice when it comes to selecting the best shoes and attire that can keep them running in any weather condition.

Active wear has gained so much of prominence these days that we have entire multi-storey showrooms dedicated to them. Imagine the advancement this segment has made in the last decade. Today we have running shoes available for all types of gait and foot, and attire for all kinds of weather.

However, more choices could mean more confusion, making your decision making tougher. Here’s a guide for you to make things simpler so that you don’t have to make guesses when it comes to your running apparel.

How to Choose the Best Shoes for Running

First thing first. It is important to find a running shoe that fits you the best as ill-fitting shoes can hamper your performance and even lead to injuries. Finding an ideal pair of running shoes is a tedious task and would need some time and research. Visit a specialty running store and try on at least 8-10 pairs. How the shoe feels on your feet initially is the key. Explore the options at a store that allows you to return the shoes after a couple of runs if you’re uncomfortable in them.

Here are the factors to consider to get that perfect shoe for running-

  • Cushioned shoes may initially feel all soft and comfortable but leads to impact loading, which is associated with running injuries like inflammation of the heel and stress fractures.
  • The arch of your feet plays a major role in choosing the perfect running shoes for you. While runners with flat feet might want to look at low-heel shoes that offer better arch support, ones with high arches should look for cushioned soles that provide better support
  • Knit uppers and engineered mesh are the most sought after materials when it comes to running shoes. While mesh is customised to snugly fit your feet, the knit uppers are breathable and lightweight and provide runners with a nice stretch. It is considered to be ideal for new runners who are looking for more comfort while running.
  • Whether you feel comfortable in tight or loose fitting shoes depends on your bone structure and foot shape. Consider these factors before deciding on the fit of your shoes.

How to Choose the Best Running Clothes

If you have the right running gear, no weather or temperature can hold you from going for that run.

  • Wicking fabrics like nylon, propylene and polyester can pull moisture away from the skin to the outer layer of your clothes, keeping you dry and warm.
  • Clothes that keep you cooler for long help in enhancing your performance. Go for clothes with an extra UV protection to avoid getting sun burns.
  • For added safety, wear reflective clothes during low-light times to increase your visibility and thereby avoid getting injured.

These factors can come in very handy when choosing the right gear for your runs. We know you want to look good while running but it is always better to choose your gear on the basis of how you feel rather than how you look.

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