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Tips for Taking Care of Terrariums

Easy maintenance tips for closed and open glass containers

Terrariums are perfect solutions if you are looking to grow plants that usually find it hard to thrive in dry air. With these glass houses, you provide a comfortable shelter – a mini garden, to the green babies and protect them from harsh or artificial lights. Since terrariums need not be watered frequently or strictly cared, it is not a hassle to raise plants in terrariums.  

Place the Terrariums in Optimal Light

Darker and brighter shades of light are harmful to the plants, and, therefore, it is crucial to place the plants away from such extremities. When placed directly under bright lights, the plants tend to burn since the inside temperature can increase radically. Again, darkness is negative to growth and sustenance. It is advised to find suitable spots—such as closer to the window, to assure sufficient but indirect light.  

Clean the Glass if Dirty

It is hygienic to wipe clean stained and dusty glass containers every once in a while. Look out for foggy surfaces since they act as a barrier to lights. Damp newspapers or lint-free clothes are preferred since chemical cleaning products could be detrimental to the plants.

Find a Region Away from Heat

Radiator or heating vents are especially adverse to the healthy growth of terrariums. Even, bookshelves, outdoors, inside of a car, beside computers or adjacent to a fireplace are absolutely lethal. If you are growing foliage plants, you need room temperature. Also, switching to grow lights for terrariums could be ideal if your place is poorly deprived of lights. But, of course, grow lamps should not be left on 24*7 for the idea is to mimic the day and night cycle and not permanently turn on daylight mode.

Trim the Dying and Withering Parts

Unless the dead or rotting parts are immediately removed, the other plants might be easily infected. Chopsticks or spoons could do a great job to remove the plants without meddling with the roots of other plants. Prune stems that are straggly and cut those to a healthy joint. This would ensure fuller and healthier growth. For plants that look faded, try a spoonful of water. Also necessary to wipe out mould and keep the lid open at times to allow for airflow (in case of mould). 

Refrain from over-watering and fertilizing or potting the wrong plants that are not made for terrariums. Even for closed and open terrariums, be wise about plant options. 

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