Tips for the budding social media influencer

Want to earn some popularity in the virtual world? Here’s how you can

Social media is currently where the entire buzz happens. From entertainment to politics, everyone’s one-step guide to all information is mostly through social media now. In fact, recently, the trend of ‘social media star’ or ‘influencer’ is huge. Almost every other teenager wants to become an influencer and earn all the glitz and glamour filled fame. And, if you are also one among these budding influencers, we have curated a perfect list to tell you exactly what you need to get that blue tick beside your name!

Being a social media influencer is not only about filtered selfies and getting PR packages. There goes a lot of hard work in gaining popularity in the virtual world. Here are a few things you can do to increase your followers:

  1. Find your forte – The first step to becoming a social media influencer is to know what you are good at. Be it makeup, cooking singing or anything else; you need to be able to show your best to your audience. This also helps you in finding a target audience who will watch more and more of your videos and follow your posts.
  2. Share and communicate more – This is probably something everyone who is a budding influencer knows. So, don’t be shy. Put up a story of that coffee you had today and speak to your followers or subscribers. Even if you have three people who follow you, communicating with them will help you see growth.
  3. Invest in a good camera – Every budding influencer needs to make it a priority to invest in a good camera. Be it high-end or not, it should be good enough to make you look perfect and also help you promote the brands who invest in you.
  4. Make contacts – If you want to make this a serious profession, go out and make contacts. The more contacts you have, chances of getting brand promotion offer are more. This is what will help you climb the social ladder and earn bigger bucks!
Be genuine but also unique – This is probably the most important point one needs to follow. Being a social media influencer means many will be looking up to you. So, be unique but also show the reality. Filtered photos may be a good advertisement for monetary purpose, but you should once in a while show the no-makeup skin and imperfect body to tell the youngsters that it is okay to be not social media perfect!