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Tips On How To Handle Arguments In Long Distance Relationships

Don’t let arguments bring more distance between you and your partner when you are already in a long distance relationship.

Long distance relationships are hard as it is. They are also as real as any other relationship which means there are bound to be fights and arguments. However, resolving arguments is not as easy as in relationships where you can just meet your partner in person after an ugly fight and make it all better. Long distance relationships probably take more patience and effort to work and handling arguments become a huge task. Nevertheless, you can always minimise the damage of a fight in a long distance relationship if you deal with it fast and tactfully. Here are a few ways you can handle arguments and conflicts in a long distance relationship.

Do Not Fight Over A Text

Words can often be taken out of context if you fight over texts. It is impossible to understand what your partner is trying to convey and in what tone they are speaking to you during arguments over texts. This could fire up your fights and give rise to you further misunderstandings especially if you are already on the of a fight. If you feel like things are heating up between you and your partner over texts and we don’t mean it in a good way, get on a phone or video call with them immediately. This will give you a better understanding of each other’s approach towards the issue in hand and let you resolve the matter faster instead of unnecessarily blowing it up.

Be Direct In Your Communications

You both are already away from each other and you don’t need to play with more layers when communicating with each. Offer each other the clarity and the transparency. Be direct about your feelings for a healthy and better communication. Even during a fight, if you have been hurt by something they have said or if you have said something that you regret, communicate clearly and directly. Don’t wait for your partner to figure it out.

Believe Your Partner When They Apologise

Being in a long distance relationship will not let your partner tell you sorry in a person. Naturally, you might be tempted to think that they don’t mean it when they apologise. Avoid doing that. Believe in their apology and accept it instead of simply dragging it to the next day.


Urbee Sarkar

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