Tips regarding packing bags while traveling

Travelling is exciting but the thing that is not exciting is packing the bags.

Thinking of travelling makes us all excited but the moment you have to think about packing bags, lowers your excitement a bit. This is probably because you’re packing your bags in the wrong way. If you do something in a bad way it will always make you feel bored of doing that thing so here are some tips that you can follow to pack your bags while travelling.

The suitcase factor

You must have come across this phrase, “the bigger the better”, and this applies to suitcases as well. The more space you have in your suitcase will let you organize your things in an easier way and you don’t have to stuff things in the end. I would suggest you get a soft luggage so that you can utilize all the space and it also doesn’t add up to the weight of the luggage.

Limit your cloth count

The most essential thing is to determine the number of clothes you will be taking for your trip. The key is not to take too many clothes as it will help you to be more organized. If you are planning for a weeklong trip then just take four top wear, three bottom wear, two pairs of shoes and five sets of undergarments. If your hotel has a laundry service then that’s a plus as you will not have to take too many clothes since you can get your clothes cleaned by the hotel.

The rolling action

To extract that extra space in your suitcase what you can do is, utilize the technique of Rolling and folding your clothes. The items that won’t wrinkle easily can be rolled like, undergarments, jeans, T-shirts and cotton pants. These items will never wrinkle if you roll them up tightly.

Set your priorities

Just like you set your priorities in your life, you should also set some priorities while packing bags. The things that you will need the most should always be placed at the top and it will obviously depend on the place you are visiting. Like if you are visiting the beach then you should pack sunscreen lotions, swimsuits and towels at the top. Trust me it will make your life much easier.

If you find these tips worth taking then I hope from the next time onwards while packing you will feel as excited as the time you thought of traveling.

Elisa Ghosh

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