Tips that will help you become an Information Elite

An information Elite is a person in a group who has most of the information. The word is often perceived in a negative light as it has the word elite and can be discriminatory but the real meaning is no way near to that. Generally, a person is considered information elite when he/she is aware of the world they are in, they always stay updated, have sufficient knowledge about different fields and are constantly in search of new information. They can also be called pantomath. So if you are someone who has an interest in learning new things and gaining new information but doesn’t remember facts and often miss out on something and want to be an information elite, these tips may help you achieve that.

Read Newspaper and watch informational shows

The best thing one can do to stay updated with the world is by reading/watching the news. Nothing is more informative than news. So make it a habit to read the newspaper daily and watch informative shows like documentaries. These are good sources of knowledge and are also entertaining.


One of the effective ways to gather information is by socializing, even the professionals do so. Meeting new people and talking to new people gives you an insight into their vision, way of thoughts, ideas and you gain experience and knowledge from it. It doesn’t only help you to get the information but makes you understand it and feel it and ultimately help you to keep the information as active memory. That is why we hardly forget the meetings and conversations with other people but easily forget after reading something.

Always look out for information

Everything is based on practice, gaining information is also like that. Reading newspapers once in a while, searching for information once in a while will not make you an information elite. It should be practised every day at every moment, make it a habit for looking up for information but obviously in a good way. Don’t be insensitive while doing so, gaining information without considering a situation is being stupid and not information elite. For example, keep a habit of studying a new topic every day, searching for something on the internet. It doesn’t mean you start bothering other people with your questions and ambiguity.

Write it down

We all are exposed to information in some or another way, but what sets the information elites apart is their retention of the information. Most of the time what we read we forget the next day. This is because we studied to gain the information not to retain the information. To retain it, you need to be with it for a longer period. You need to discuss it, read further about it, watch videos on it, etc.  The best way to retain any information is to write about it. This is something that we practice in our curriculum because it is the most effective way. Try to write short notes or jot down the key points when you get to know about something new. Keep a journal.

Repeat or revise what you have learnt

Another practice that you have to do along with journaling about the information is revising it several times. Like before going to bed just go through the journal, make it a habit but don’t force yourself, go easy on it and flip through the pages. This will help you retain the facts. If you are too lazy to write it down, at least try to go through the follow-up news and videos of the same information, this will also help you to stay connected and keep you updated which may also help in retaining the information.

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