Published By: Shriparna

Tips That Will Make You a Confident Driver Even in Foggy Weather!

Keep in mind that visibility is the most important factor when it comes to driving in fog.

Although driving through fog can look romantic, it's also important to be careful when driving in dense fog. You're forced to rely on your gut to guide you and make any progress, which isn't the ideal way to go. There are several helpful driving tips that can help you avoid getting into an accident due to the fog.

Keep in mind that visibility is the most important factor when it comes to driving in fog.

Stick to your lane!

Keeping your vehicle in its lanes can help reduce the risks of getting into an accident. Negotiating the traffic in front of you and keeping your vehicle in the lanes can help minimize the risks of an accident. When visibility is poor, you should keep a close eye on the oncoming traffic and the lane markers. If you're driving on a single-lane road, try to avoid getting into a collision by driving on the left side of the road.

Park your car and wait

If you're not sure if you can safely drive in the fog, stay out. In the event of visibility of zero, you should slowly and safely park your vehicle until the conditions improve. You should also turn on the hazard lights and parking lights.

Say no to speeding

Speeding is not recommended under poor visibility conditions. While it may feel like you're getting an adrenaline rush from doing so, it's not in the best interests of everyone involved. It's also not ideal to speed up even though you think there's no other car ahead of you due to the fog.

Keep headlights on low beam

Setting the headlights on a high beam may seem like a good idea when driving in thick fog. However, this type of setup can actually hinder the visibility of the driver. If the road surface visibility is less than a hundred meters, you should set your headlights on a low beam. Make sure that your vehicle's fog lamps are also turned on.

 Use indicators to alert others

Responsible drivers are also expected to be considerate of other road users. In foggy conditions, you should always use your parking lights or indicator to alert oncoming vehicles. Before you start a turn, make sure that you're using the indicator at least ten seconds in advance. This will allow other cars behind you to get enough time to stop or steer safely.

Avoid overtaking

In foggy conditions, it's also important that drivers refrain from overtaking other cars on the road. Doing so could cause a collision with the other vehicle.

Don't let the fog affect your vision when you're driving in thick fog, and equip your vehicle with all the necessary equipment to get around in cold weather. If you live in a region with harsh weather, you might search for roadside service shops near you, but how can you get to them if you're stuck on a damp road? You can compare prices and find the best tires online.