Tips to be a strategic survivor player in Dead by Daylight

Save the good pallets for later in the game.

Dead by Daylight, the asymmetrical horror game released by Behaviour Interactive in 2016, gets less scary once you, as a survivor, skill yourself of the mechanics of the game. It can be daunting, but when you loop the killer for one generator to be fixed, the thrill gets to you.

The goal of playing the survivor is to run around a realm, fix five generators and escape. But wait: is that a shimmering light you see approaching towards you as you are almost done with this gen? Run, it’s a Wraith.

Here are a few tips to be a strategic survivor that doesn’t disappoint your team.

Look behind you: While in a chase, it’s scary to look behind you but this is crucial to being a better survivor. You have the luxury of 360 vision that the killer does not. Use it. Looking behind while being chased can help in predicting the movements of the killer, so you don’t accidentally run into him after vaulting a window.

Leave no scratch marks: Running leaves a trail of scratch marks. So walk whenever you are not in a chase. Make it harder for the killer to track you down.

Know your pallets: The objective of pallets is to stun the killers. Dropping pallets while the killer is miles is a waste of a good pallet. Learn which pallets are too good of a pallet. Usually, the ones in the shack are god pallets. Avoid throwing them right off the bat.

Watch out for the totems: Fixing gens are important but working on them is no good when the killer might run perks like Ruin, Haunted Grounds, or the most dreaded Noed. Look for glowing totems around the map while running and cleanse them so your job becomes a bit easier.

Open chests: You might find useful things like a key, or Alex’s toolbox, a med-kit or even a willow wisp beamer.

Learn to flashlight: Know this much – All of killers’ efforts are gone if they cannot hook a survivor. Flashlight not only blinds but also stuns a killer which can make them drop a survivor being carried.

Know which perks to use and where: The perks you’re running is shown on the right of the screen. Know when your perk is on a cooldown and try to get it back before running headfirst into a killer with your Dead Hard or Sprint Burst not activated. If you get injured a lot, it’s better to run Iron Will.

Play as the killer: Playing as the killer will give insight to how the other side works. So, when you play as the survivor, you can predict the movements of the killer. Also, you can learn a lot from the survivor you are facing.

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