Tips To Beat The Heat In Thailand

There’s nothing quite like a trip to Thailand to broaden your horizons, but from the minute you set your feet off the plane it can feel like you are waging an uphill battle to keep cool under the blazing sun.

With the average temperature in Thailand rarely dropping too far below 30°C all year round, it can be quite a herculean task to stay cool and collected – however, it’s not impossible. Here are some tips on how to beat the heat during your travels in Thailand.

Stay hydrated

The most common sense tip of course is to stay hydrated. Luckily, Thailand has drinks stalls and cafes in every corner and as drinks are cheap, it’s easy to stay hydrated. You can get iced coffee at a street coffee stand for only 75 cents and they are delicious too. You can also try local fruit juices and fruit shakes from small stalls that are popping up everywhere. At many of these stalls, you can even get a drink in a plastic bag with ice and a straw. Delicious, and a steal at 30 cents.

Don’t walk, ride

Most Thais don’t walk very far and neither should the tourists. Taxis are an average of $1 per trip, the sky train and underground are the same and you can avail yourself bus services at 30 cents. There’s no reason to walk, especially when you’re breathing in the horrendous pollution at the same time. Ride, don’t walk, and spend the time you would have wasted walking on seeing yet more of Bangkok’s fascinating culture.

Book your rooms with caution

If the price of a hotel room looks too good to be true, then a lot of the time it is. Plenty of travelers fall into the trap of booking a bargain-rate room without realizing it doesn’t have air conditioning, and they soon regret it after spending the night toiling under an ineffective, underpowered fan. Be cautious while booking hotel rooms.

Become an early bird

Like in any country, the mornings and the evenings in Thailand are much more comfortable times to be active than the afternoon, which will see temperatures reach their peak for the day. With that in mind, if you’re planning on going to the beach, on a hike, or even shopping, make sure to start early or in the evening to comfortably explore the country.

Cruise on the River

The Chao Praya River is an enormous river that comes all the way from China and runs straight through Bangkok and out into the ocean. The fabulous river breezes will cool you off on a hot day. Take a boat trip up the Chao Praya in one of Bangkok’s ‘taxi boats’ to beat the heat. You may opt for other river cruises too.

Keep your outfits loose and light

If you try wearing all-black outfits in Thailand you will practically melt. Black clothing absorbs heat from the sun, making you much warmer than if you wear white clothing, as light colors do a better job at reflecting the heat. Lighter materials such as cotton and linens are also great at keeping you cool, whereas clothes with a high amount of polyester will feel much warmer and more uncomfortable. There’s a reason that harem and elephant pants are so popular with tourists in Thailand – they are cheap, lightweight, and fairly breathable, so make sure to stock up when you arrive.

Just follow these easy and smart tips to beat the heat while you are in Thailand and your experience in the tropical country will become more enjoyable.


Satavisha hails from the city of joy, Kolkata. She took up writing as my profession amid the pandemic when the world was at a standstill. Here, she acquired a balance between her passion for writing and sharing various ideas and facts through her stories.
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