Tips to calm your nerves before the big first date

For times when the butterflies in the stomach goes into overdrive

It has happened to many of us: all set for the date, looking pretty dressed in the best of clothe and you feel the nerves starting to go haywire. Anxiously, you text your friend who tries to soothe yournerves but the ticking clock only makes things worse. There’s only two ways out. One, you call and cancel and reschedule. Second, you gather up your nerves and go for it.

First date jitters are because of the fear of the unknown. In a wave of anxiety (and past experiences) your brain teases the worst of scenarios that can happen on a first date. Sohere’s what you do to calm your nerves before the first date.

Be involved while planning

Take active part in the date planning process. Dating is fun when you get to a new place and have a good time but that’s not for people with first date jitters. Suggest your date you go somewhere that you already been to, or someplace you like. Get familiar with the place if it’s not a place you’re familiar with. That way you take away the fear of the unknown factor.

Suggest something fun

Plan a fun activity, where your attention won’t just be with your date. Like a movie or visiting a gallery first then dinner later. Just dinner sets you up on a one-on-one getting to know each other time. If you have a museum visit planned, you will have something else to talk about besides the standard first date questions.

Plan a short date

That way if you run out of things to talk about, you don’t have to wait hours before you can get up and leave.  Having an exit plan helps. Schedule meeting up with your friends so you have an excuse to make it a short date.

Figure out the intention of the date

If nervous jitters strike, think about what you want from the date. Is it a date for a relationship? Are you in it for a fun time? Keeping an intention in mind will set your expectation at that level. It helps to prioritize a friendship on the first date.

Talk to your BFF about it

Get support from your closest friends. Talk to them about the jitters so they can help you through it. There’s a lot of strength that you can get from an encouraging word from them.

Workout before the date if possible

Run out the jitters on the treadmill. Working out can help with the nerves and sweat them off. But make sure there’s still time for you to shower and get ready.


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