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Tips To Care For Your Crochet Garments: How To Wash, Dry And Store Your Crochet Knitwear To Ensure Durability

If you have received a crochet garment as a gift from a family member or friend—remember, that they have given a fragment of their heart to you. They have invested their valuable energy and time into that piece of garment, and the least you can do is—make sure you are taking good care of that masterpiece.

Hand-made crochet garments are often made of wool, cotton, or acrylic yarns—and are very delicate. They require a gentle manual wash to ensure durability. It is best to wash knitwear in cold water—infused with a mild detergent, best suited to yarn fiber. For machine-crocheted garments, always follow the instructions suggested on the care label.

Make a habit of securing all the labels on the garments to learn more about the type of yarn that was used and how to wash and care for it. It is critical to follow the yarn care instructions when tossing a crochet garment in the laundry bag or washing machine. Each yarn is created from different fibers, using a variety of methods and dyes, and the care instructions often vary. However, if you want a simple “wash and care” guide that will suit all your crochet garments, read on!

Manual Washing Instructions

Fill a bucket with cold water and add a mild detergent. Make sure that the detergent is mixing well in the water and is evenly distributed. Swish the garment in the washing vessel; DO NOT scrub or wring it. Squeeze the garment gently to release the soapy liquid and lather through the fibers.

Rinse the Garment, But Do Not Wring

After draining out the soapy water, fill another bucket with fresh and cold water. Immerse the garment in it and gently rinse again. You have to repeat this process until the vessel’s water is free of suds, and is clear.

Remove Excess Water

Gently lift the garment and squeeze it for one last time to drain out the excess water. When the dripping stops, provide support to the garment from underneath and place it on a clean and dry towel (or two towels). Roll the towel with the garment inside and press it firmly (not wringing)— allowing the towels to absorb the water.

Lay the Garment Flat On a Surface

Place another dry and clean towel on a flat surface and transfer the garment to it. Gently stretch the wet garment to accelerate the drying process. You will most likely have to replace the soaked towel with a dry one—after every one or two hours. Periodically, toss the garment, allowing it to dry evenly. If the care label of that crochet garment suggests machine wash, you can tumble dry the item in your machine’s dryer, but on low heat.

Reshape Your Knitwear

Adjust your knitwear to bring it back to its original shape; avoid pulling or tugging the garment. For sweaters and cardigans, you have to grab the waist, wrists and neckline—and gently press the ribbing together. Fold the collar and fasten all the buttons when reshaping.

How Often You Should Wash Crochet Garments

Most crochet garments don’t need to be washed frequently. Since crochet sweaters are layered with other clothing inside, there is no need to wash them after every wear.

How to Store Crochet Garments

Store crochet garments in a dark and cool closet. Don't keep them in attics or basements due to fluctuating temperatures and humidity. Fold the garments and put them in breathable storage bins or cotton bags. Do not hang your knitwear—the weight of the garment will stretch it out.

Follow these simple instructions to keep your knitwear looking brand new for many years to come.