Tips To Choose The Best Dance Style For Your Kids

If you see your child frolicking around the playground, grooving to songs playing on TV, or just can’t stop moving their body when they hear music, it might be time for you to enroll them in dance classes.

There are a plethora of dance forms to choose from, for your kids to learn. Each one lets them express themselves and is a good form of exercise. The key is to match the dance style with the personality of your child and their preferences. As there are dozens of different dance forms out there, picking which classes to send your child to can be quite overwhelming. Read on for a general guide to figure out which genre of dance is most compatible with the interests and personality of your child.


Ballet offers something for everyone to admire, the choreography, moves, the tutus, feathers, and even the tulle. With pink shoes and cute costumes, ballet is a massive draw for young girls, But boys can opt for it too. This graceful dance requires a lot of precision, practice, and strength. It usually takes a long time to master ballet, but if they choose to stick with it, there are many performance opportunities in most areas.


Looking to burn off some calories and energy in your child? Hip-hop dance classes are a great outlet. Hip-hop is fun, energetic, and an inventive dance form performed with popular music. Early classes can teach kids the easy and basic moves of hip-hop, enabling them to improvise dances and to get better. This dance form can be enticing for kids because they get to dance to music they are familiar with and do moves they’ve likely seen on TV.


Jazz is all about big movements and high energy. If your kid has a big personality and loves to perform, jazz is the ideal dance form for them. It is a very diverse dance style and can cover anything from a slower, modern number to a Broadway-style routine. The variety of movements offered by jazz dancing excites the kids, especially if they tend to get bored with one style.

Contemporary dance

Unlike other highly choreographed dance forms, contemporary dance executes moves spontaneously and freely. Dancers exhibit fluid movements in a combination of different genres including jazz, ballet, modern and lyrical. The fun and exciting dynamics of the movement inspire dancers to be more creative and imaginative.

Lyrical dance

Lyrical dance is a good option for kids who love to perform. This dance style involves more fluid movements and is often done in groups. The dancers focus primarily on telling a story than being completely synchronized. Lyrical dance is an emotional dance style that requires a high level of performance to convey the message of the dance.

No matter what your child’s personality is like, there is a perfect dance style for everyone.

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