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Tips to Choose the Right Curtains

Curtains speak volumes about your sense of aesthetics, beauty and taste in home décor

Virtual drapery hunting to assess how far the clothes embellish the rooms is a smart decision before financially investing in buying a set. Before you are inspired by luxe interior designers and flamboyant ideas, here is a list of the fundamentals.

Pay Attention to the Fabric 

The fabric of curtains and drapes depends on budget, the functionality of the curtains, the kind of aesthetic you are trying to nail and, of course, where you are hanging those curtains. Polyester, for instance, makes for an amazing option if you are browsing through affordable choices but is highly dangerous when put around the kitchen since the material is flammable. For bedroom and living rooms, consider linen, cotton, silk and velvet materials. If you live in a freezing area, thermal curtains would be your saviour.

Basically, gauge two factors—

The tone, mood and décor you want

The amount of sunlight you want in the rooms

Pick the Right Colours from the Palate 

Selecting from the wide array of alluring colours in itself is a tricky process. Using complementary shades, accent colours or neutrals accentuates the beauty of your home décor by manifold. While complementary colours are most effective when the rooms have neutral hues, colours add a quirky and peppy tone to the entire room. Neutrals are effective to bring about a subdued tone. Once the colour combination is yet, you are better equipped to trim down the choices.

Measure the Length and Drama

Length certainly adds to the overall impact you are trying to achieve with the clothes. Keeping the end at least six inches above the window pane emphasises the height of the room while curtains hurdled on the floor bring a more traditional and cosy charm. Along with length, pattern and thickness of the blinds are equally important. The width should be measured by adding extra four to eight inches on both sides and the number obtained has to be doubled later.

Decide if you Want Custom Window Treatment

Custom window treatments would radically bring about a transformation change in the décor since you are essentially opting for a customised, tailor-cut and amazingly-fitted suit. You have the liberty to choose from endless designs, prints and patterns besides deciding the material and header style. So if you are unwilling to take any risks with drapery shopping this time, go with a reputed service!

Know in advance the specific washing and drying instructions for the sets.

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