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Tips To Choose The Right Perfume For You

Find your signature scent in these easy steps.

Finding your fragrance counts for a special moment. It is that one personal touch that is distinctive your style and sometimes even people remember you by it. You know how they say that smell can spark up the strongest memories, right? However, finding a fragrance that is just right for you is a tedious process. It takes time, experience and experiments. If you are not feeling too experimental with finding your fragrance and are somewhat in a rush, that could be done too. You need to take care of a few points and that goes beyond the occasional choice of fruity or floral. Here are a few tips that could help you find the perfect perfume for you.

Trying Too Many Fragrances At One Time Is A Bad Idea

You may be in a massive or even an urgent rush to find your special and perfect fragrance but don’t make the mistake of taking on too many at one go. Remember less is more. Your mission is to find that one perfume that would be perfect for you and rushing through that is never a good idea. You nose can only take up so many fragrances at one time or else it will be overwhelmed and you certainly don’t want that. Limit your fragrance trials at most to three at one time. Any more than that and you will be confused. Moreover, it would not give you the chance to pause, understand and appreciate a fragrance to come to a conclusion of whether you truly like it or not.

Fragrance Notes Are Everything

Fragrances are all about notes. There are three layers of notes in every fragrance. The top note is the central note that comes out as soon as you spray it on. The middle note are more subtle and complex and you can feel it once the top note wears off. The base note or the last layer of fragrance notes is the smell that lingers on for the longest time even after the first two notes have worn off.

Finding The Right Note For You

Once you have figured the fragrance notes of the perfume find out your preference. Do you like floral or fruity? Do you like your fragrance warm or fresh and crisp? Once you have done that, you’ll know what to get for your perfect scent.

Urbee Sarkar

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