Published By: Satavisha

Tips To Clean and Reglaze Tiled Floors And Walls

Tile floors made of concrete pavers or quarry tiles can last the test of time—if only you care for them properly. The lifespan of vinyl tiles is much shorter, but proper maintenance can extend its longevity.

Many people know that scrubbing scruffy tiles is quite a task. When stains are left attended for a long time, they become stubborn and difficult to remove, causing enduring damage, leaving your tiles looking tattered and dirty. If you are confused about what may be the correct way of cleaning tiled floors and walls, keep reading to find out how it should be done.

Clean loose debris

Vacuum or sweep your tile floors every day to prevent them from collecting dirt and getting dull. Ceramic tiles are resistant to grime, but grit and sand can ruin the glazed surfaces.

Pick a good floor mop.

Clean the tiles with a gentle detergent and use clean water and a chamois-like mop or rag instead of a sponge mop. Mops made of chamois-like material are ideal for cleaning tiled floors and walls because sponge mops shove dirty water inside the grout lines, making them almost impossible to clean.

Clean the grout

Your tiles will not look tidy until you clean the grout. When the grouts are free of dirt, your tiles will look spick and span. But instead of using harmful cleaners, opt for a homemade cleaning solution to eliminate tile grout. Make a paste-like cleaning agent with water and hydrogen peroxide or baking soda, and use it to clean tile grout. Grab an old toothbrush, and use it to scrub the grouts and eliminate stains.

Do not leave soap residue.

If the tiles look claggy even after cleaning, it is happening due to soapy residue. Get rid of the soap residue with an all-purpose non abrasive cleaner. You may also opt for a DIY cleaner using a mild acid (like fresh lime juice) on porcelain or ceramic tiles (but do not use it on stone tiles). Mop the floor with a clean and dry cloth. If the tiles on your floor from water spots, make sure you dry them using a clean cloth soon after mopping.

Take care of stains immediately.

The moment you notice any kind of stain on your tiles, take immediate action. Get rid of the blemish right away, otherwise you may never be able to eliminate them. Removing stains becomes very easy on tiled floors and walls if taken care of promptly, but if the stains are stubborn, do not depend on metal brushes and harsh chemicals. Instead, get help from professionals.

As opposed to other types of walls and flooring, keeping tiles tidy and glazed is much easier and low-maintenance.